01 Data

Improve your strategy, thanks to our analyses (market, brand positioning, recommendations ...).

Our Support

  • Detailed overview of the target sector
  • Presentation of the main market stakeholders (retail)
    • Wholesalers – National retailers – Regional retailers – Independent stores – Diet stores
  • Presentation of the main market stakeholders (competitors)
    • Direct competitors – Indirect competitors
  • SWOT analysis
  • Recommendations

02 Development

Make yourself known to the retailers and wholesalers to launch your brand (sampling, meeting buyers, brand listings ...)

Our Support

  • Creation of the listing book
  • Elaboration of a development schedule
  • Development of a commercial offer
  • Sampling of distributors
  • Dispatch of commercial offers
  • Meeting buyers
  • Goal : brand listings

03 Field

Grow your sales with our sales representatives (targeting stores, appointments stores, implementation, feedback, animations, reportings....).

Our support

  • Commercial tours
    • Organisation of commercial tours
    • Planning in line with geographical criteria
    • Planning in line with development potential
    • Acquisition of new clients
    • Merchandising
    • On-site order taking
    • Customer follow-up
  • Commercial animation
    • Tastings with a customised stand
  • Access to reportings
    • Follow-up/ Optimization of commercial activity
    • Provision of statistics (Follow-up evolution DD / VD …)
    • Reporting available online
  • Participation in trade shows
    • France (Natexpo)
    • Germany (Bio¬†Messen-Hausmesse)
    • International (Expowest, NOPE UK / Sweden…)

04 Marketing

Improve your visibility through our services (social media, POS advertising, website ...).

Our support

  • Presentation of your company on www.ecolive.fr
  • Creation of a report (photo/video)
  • Creation of recipes and communication via the Ecolive blog
  • Social Media (Instagram/ Facebook…)
  • Approach of influential bloggers
  • Spreading of newsletters
  • Creation of posters/advertising
  • PR