Our data teams allow you to observe and analyse your target sector.

Our Support

We carry out several types of studies*:

  • Market Studies
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Category Review
  • Detailed overview of the target sector
  • SWOT analysis
  • Recommendations
* Eligible for BPI France’s APA (Assurance, Prospection, Accompaniment) scheme.



Presentation of the main players in the sector such as; wholesalers, national and regional brands, and independent or specialised shops.

Competitive intelligence and category review to understand the competitive environment in which your product will evolve or is already evolving.

Deepening your market knowledge (competitors, pack formats & graphic charter, prices, 20/80, etc.).



At the end of the study, our team will also give you the benefit of its expertise by determining a commercial action plan and its recommendations.


Our business development teams are at your disposal to help you develop and implement your business strategy.

Our Support

At Ecolive, we have developed a six-step process:

  • Step 1: Creation of a business plan
  • Step 2: Sales meetings with buyers
  • Step 3: Listing of your product range
  • Step 4: Implementing the commercial agreements/promotional plan
  • Step 5: Key account development
  • Step 6: Reporting and monitoring figures


In addition, we also offer complementary services such as :

  • Open source database registration and management (Ecoinform, Datanature, Open Source…)


  • Representation at trade shows (Natexpo, Marjolaine, BioMesen)


  • Organisation of sampling campaigns at points of sale / emailing


  • Proofreading and quality control of translations (products and labels)


  • Pack verification according to the current regulations




Thanks to this process, we will develop your distribution network, put you in contact with a maximum number of organic players, expand your ranges referenced by distributors and develop your turnover and therefore your reputation.


Our field unit supports you by implementing an outsourced or supplementary sales force strategy, tailor-made to achieve your objectives.

Our support

In order to accompany you in this mission, we have developed a precise process in several steps:

  • Determine: initial discussion and understanding of your needs
  • Plan: establishment of a sales action plan
  • Integrate: integration of your brand into our CRM tool
  • Train: train sales staff and beginning of the mission
  • Lead: operational monitoring via regular updates
  • Analyse: assessment of the mission, adjustment and contract renewal


Do you have/want :

  • sales staff but want to expand your geographical presence or target new areas?


  • obtained a listing with a wholesaler and want to see your product ranges in shops?


  • to deploy one or more area managers in the field to develop your digital distribution (DN) and your value distribution (DV)?


Let Ecolive take care of these commercial actions!

Moreover, to enable you to monitor the results of these actions, you can access our CRM ( wherever you are.



Thanks to this, all our producers can follow and control the evolution of their assortment, shop by shop, throughout the mission. In addition, there are many other KPIs that we can present to you.

As a reminder, Ecolive has conducted thousands of sales meetings in shops in France, Germany and Belgium.


Our marketing department helps you to deploy and intensify your presence on the various communication channels.

Our support

We offer several services:

  • Social Media (management of social networks)
  • Web (update and management of your website, SEO,…)
  • Print (flyer, poster,…)
  • Press Relations

We also offer an event management service with the organisation of your presence at the most important events in the organic sector (Natexpo, Marjolaine, Bio Messen, BioXpo…)


We offer tailored services to help you reach out.

As a complement to your business strategy, our goal is to get people talking about your products to develop your community and B2C sales.




Through this division, we aim to increase your awareness among end consumers and/or key accounts.