Can products be purchased on your website?
No, it is not yet possible to purchase products on the Ecolive website.
Where can products be found?
You can find our products in organic stores. To find out the shops with which we have partnerships, please visit "where to find our products?". If you want to find your closest organic store, please use the geolocation tool on our website (currently under construction).
Are all products on the website organic?
Yes, all of the products presented on the site are organic, you can download the certifications for each of the producers on their corresponding page.
Why the products are not all in French?
The objective of Ecolive is to make discover to France and Germany organic product which are extraordinary, no matter their origin.
Do you have gluten/lactose free products?
Yes, don't hesitate to visit our page entitled "our producers and our products" to discover all of our gluten and glucose free products. If you have any precise needs concerning gluten free product searches, we would advise you to consider Schnitzer which is an organic gluten free range of products.
Do you have any vegetarian/certified vegan products? Do you have any "raw food" products?
Yes, we have vegetarian and certified vegan products. For more information, do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page. Under "our producers" you will find the Lifefood brand which specialises in "raw food".