We Love The Planet

  • Country: Netherlands
  • Regions: Beverwijk
  • Year of establishment: 2015
  • Specialty : 100% natural deodorants: deocremes and deo-sticks
  • Countries of distribution : France

We Love The Planet is a young and dynamic brand of organic deodorants, founded in the Netherlands, in 2016, by Eva Klomp.


  • NCS We Love Te Planet

The beginning of We Love The Planet

Eva Klomp, the founder of We Love The Planet grew up in a sports family where staying fit and healthy was a priority. A cycling grandfather, a father manage a sports store and a vegetable garden, led her to take an interest in natural foods. Her aunt, a naturo-beautician, gived her, his interest in natural cosmetics. She realizes that everything we apply to our skin penetrates our body. Faced with a lack of offers on the market, she launched in 2016 the brand We Love The Planet: a full range of deodorant products 100% ecological and safe for health.

We love the planet, 100% natural deodorants

For the We Love The Planet, it’s important to know what the products contain and where they come from! Indeed, “a tomato can be organic, but if it is imported from a polluted factory in Uganda, it is still harmful to the environment. “. The deodorants of the brand are made in the Netherlands. They are composed of 100% natural and organic ingredients. In addition, its packaging (small compact box or stick) makes it easy to transport. The natural ingredients of We Love The Planet deodorants have a soothing and moisturizing effect. Each deodorants is composed of beeswax, coconut oil and corn starch powder, which help keep skin silky smooth. The deodorant effect is achieved thanks to sodium bicarbonate, which naturally neutralizes body odor.


We Love The Planet deodorants are available in deodorant-cream and deodorant sticks. Despite its small size, organic deodorant can be used for 2 to 3 months, depending on use.

Products from We Love The Planet

Natural deodorant stick - Forever Fres

Natural deodorant Forever Fresh

Natural deodorant stick - Lovely Lavender

Natural deodorant Lovely Lavender

Natural deodorant stick - So Sensitive

Natural deodorant So Sensitive

Natural deodorant stick - Mighty Min

Natural deodorant Mighty Mint

Natural deodorant stick - Original Orange

Natural deodorant Original Orange

Natural deodorant stick - Sweet Serenity

Natural deodorant Sweet Serenity