• Country: Germany
  • Regions: Freiburg
  • Year of establishment: 1990
  • Specialty : Tofu
  • Countries of distribution : France, Belgium

Taifun was founded 25 years ago by tofu lovers, and since then, the company has acquired experience, ensuring today it is defined by its incredible quality standards. The company aims to produce uncompromising quality, using only the finest ingredients.


What is Tofu ?

Taifun Tofu, expert of tofu, was founded in 1987 in the western region of Germany. Today, Taifun is governed by the desire to offer its consumers a quality product respectful of its own know-how. The company is looking for uncompromising quality with the best ingredients.

Tofu is a food made from soybeans and has been consumed traditionally in China for hundreds of years. Tofu provides many vegetable proteins, which should ideally be combined with cereals for a balanced diet.

The tofu is made from soy milk, to which are added ferments, to obtain curdled milk . The dough is then pressed to obtain the desired dough. Taifun Tofu add herbs, spices, … to flavor the tofu and give it a pronounced flavor.

Taifun has a wide range of products for every consumer, vegan or tofu lover.

Tasty Tofu

  • Natural and smoked tofu: the natural tofu is the base of all tofu. The smoked tofu is consumed cold, in salad or hot with vegetables.
  • Mediterranean Tofu: to taste on bread. Contains real pieces of olives, tomatoes, vegetables…
  • Tofu Filets: tofu to fry in a pan.
  • Sausages: to fry, grill or bake in hot water bath.
  • Vegan Slices: to be eaten on bread or pizza topping.
  • Fermented Tofu: Fermentation facilitates the digestibility of tofu. Serve in many ways: in salad, in a pan…

Soy farming

Taifun works closely with soybean producers: many partnerships have existed for more than 20 years. Taifun selects the best soybeans and advises its partner producers to produce quality organic seeds. Taifun soybeans come therefore from the nearest place of manufacture: Germany, especially around Friborg, France and Austria. Today, two-thirds of soybeans consumed worldwide come from India and China, while Taifun soybeans come exclusively from Western Europe.

12kg of soy = 1 kg of meat

1kg of soy = 2kg of tofu

Products from Taifun

Silken Tofu in Demeter quality

Traditional Japanese-style. Creamy and delicate with a smooth consistency, it lends itself perfectly to use in desserts or sauces.

Tofu Olive

Tofu with green olives from Greece that give it a natural and expressive character.

Tofu Rosso

This Italian tofu speciality was already hit of the year at the "Biofach" tradeshow, and is still one of the most popular products.

Tofu Basilico

Taifun Tofu Basilico Taifun is made from fresh herbs. It contains in particular basil which gives a Mediterranean flavor, whether consumed hot or cold.

Tofu Curry-Mango

An ingenious combination of curry mango and a subtle hint of ginger and spicy chili. This tofu attracts attention thanks to its remarkable yellow color.

Smoked Tofu

A classic version of Smoked Tofu. Enjoy cold on bread or in a salad. Excellent pan-fried with vegetable dishes, rice, potatoes or pasta. It will also accompany your vegetables, rice, potatoes or pasta...


Grilled almonds and sesame lend a particularly crunchy note to this type of tofu. Whether enjoyed cold as a snack or in a salad, grilled to accompany vegetables, pasta or rice, "Almond-Sesame" adds a delicately spicy note to dishes.

Tofu Curcuma

Did you know that turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties? Turmeric tofu can be used in Indian recipes but also with onions and vegetables.

Tofu Terrine Graffiti

A tofu made of red and green bell peppers, as well asJapanese sea greens.


True to the essence of traditional Japanese cuisine, this product is simple and natural. It is well seasoned, enhancing the characteristic flavour of tofu.


Perfect for fans of this wild vegetable. Wild garlic lends an incomparable punch 2of flavour to these fillets.

Tofu-Filets Pizza-Pizza

Taifun Tofu-Pizza-Filets. are made of bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and oregano.

Tofu Cocktail-Sausages

Our favourite bite-sized sausages. Particularly loved by children. Ideal for parties. They're delicious in a stew, a soup or as mini-bites in a buffet.


These Taifun Tofu-Wiener are excellent hot and cold. Excellent also in soups and stews.

Advice for use: Heat three to four minutes in a hot water bath.

Tofu Puszta-Wiener

Sausages slightly spicy, but also incredibly fruity.
We recommend you to eat them on bread or in a potato salad.

Advice for use: Heat a hot water bath, then serve sausages immediately.

Veggie Barbecue

Smoked and crispy sausages, to fry or grill. They can be accompanied by a brown sauce and fried onions.

Grill Sausages

The legendary Grill Sausage, with a fine hint of pepper, is one of most popular tofu sausages. To fry or grill.

Tofu Grill Herb Sausages

Sausages with herbs to grill! Nevertheless, you can also consume them cold.


Taifun Sombreros sausages are peppered with chili pepper and cayenne pepper.


Taifun Papillon can be eaten on bread but also in a vegetarian sausage salad or on a pizza.


Taifun Rondo is spiced with fresh herbs and smoked tofu.
These slices are excellent on bread or in a crunchy salad, but also as a pizza topping.

Feto Natural

Feto Natural is fermented, during its manufacture, thanks to lactic acid bacteria. This fermentation gives the tofu a sweet acidulous note, but it also promotes the digestibility of the product.

You can enjoy it cold, hot, pure or combined with other ingredients.