Out of the Woods

  • Country: United States
  • Regions: California
  • Year of establishment: 2018
  • Specialty : Bags and Insulated Coolers made from Supernatural Paper(TM)
  • Countries of distribution : France, Germany, Belgium

Out of the Woods was founded by Pierre Barlier (founder & CEO of KeepCool Bags) in 2018. The discovery of Supernatural Paper(TM) and the creation of the brand Out Of The Woods were a natural extension of the founder’s growing passion for bags and for the environment.

What is Supernatural Paper ?

Supernatural Paper(TM) is made from tree cellulose, sourced from responsibly managed forests, bonded with an allergen-free latex making the material washable, durable, and a more sustainable alternative to traditional materials.

Out of the Woods bags are designed to be functional, lightweight, and timeless. As an ethical alternative to leather, Supernatural Paper(TM) ages and becomes softer and more supple with time.


But is it really natural?

Yes! It is FSC-certified and made from tree cellulose sourced from responsibly managed forests. Out of the Woods bags and coolers eliminare the need for single-use bags and their durability means they will last for years. While papermaking is typically very water-intensive, the manufacturing process of Supernatural Paper returns 93% of the water taken for production to its original source, in its original form. This material has a significantly improved environmental profile compared many other materials such as plastic, cotton or animal hide.


« A good bag embraces more than you ask it to hold. It embraces you. », Pierre Barlier.


Out Of the Wood products are sustainable, vegan, washable and reusable. 

Products from Out of the Woods

Marten Lunch

The classic bag for lunch. The Marten Lunch features cotton details that contrast beautifully with the Supernatural PaperTM and a buckle closure. The bag has an insulated inner lining that keeps lunch fresh, while the outer part is easy to clean and water-resistant.

Large Shopping Cooler

Large isothermal bag with bottom in Supernatural PaperTM and body in Cotton Canvas. This bag is practical thanks to its handles and large strap.

Iconic Shopper

Easy to pack and light to carry - your shoulders will thank you. Perfect for shopping or just doing your own thing.

Dolphin Cooler

A vegan shopping bag, designed with an extra-thick lining and a square, flat base, providing the perfect base for stacking your groceries or keeping your picnic cool. A large front pocket also provides convenient space for storing personal belongings.

Connoisseur Wine Tote

Sophisticated in its simplicity of design, the Connoisseur Wine bag is an ideal and reusable gift choice for all wine lovers.