Bio Verde

  • Country: Germany
  • Regions: Eresing
  • Year of establishment: 1983
  • Specialty : producer of antipasti, cheese, salads & spreads, cold meats, fish ...
  • Countries of distribution : France

Family business, Isana was founded in 1983 and launched Bio Verde in 1986!

Family business, Isana was founded in 1983 and launched Bio Verde in 1986! Since 1986, Bio Verde is a pioneer in organic delicatessen!

Isana & Bio Verde in a few figures

  • 1983: Creation of ISANA Handelsgesellschaft in Seefeld
  • 1986: Start of NaturFeinkost production under the brand name “Bio-Verde” (production of organic pasta and sauces)
  • 1989: Start of antipasti production and development of a project in Greece for organic sheep’s cheese
  • 1990: Conversion to 100% organic for the whole range.
  • 1993: Collaborative projects for Italian cheese and Italian ham in northern Italy
  • 1994: Collaboration on trout farming in northern Italy
  • 1995: Construction of a project in Ireland for salmon
  • 1996: Construction of a new production unit with warehouse and administration in Eresing
  • 1997: Start of salads and cold meat production
  • 2001: Construction of another production site in Eresing
  • 2010: Start of production of fresh spreads and oriental salads
  • 2011: New administration and warehouse
  • 2012: Coastal fishing project for herring in the German Baltic Sea
  • 2013: Development of a trout farm in Upper Bavaria

The main values of bio verde

  • Fair trade is one of Bio Verde’s main concerns when buying raw materials. This business idea obviously includes fair prices and fair wages for suppliers.
  • Quality products. Bio Verde makes every effort to offer you organic quality products with the best flavor possible! Bio Verde uses cold working to offer products with a very good level of taste. This principle is used in particular for the production of antipasti, sauces, salads and spreads. The brand only works with local companies to meet their manufacturing requirements with highly qualified companies and excellent know-how. In addition, Bio Verde is subject to the stringent hygiene regulations of the European Union for the processing of cheese, meat and fish. Before their products leave the deli, the company checks each batch in the internal laboratory for microbiology, pesticides and other residues. The brand’s employees are regularly trained in the areas of hygiene and quality. The decisive factor is whether the products really taste great, so customers are regularly asked about our many tastings in the points of sale.

Bio verde products

The range of Bio Verde products is large, it includes the following categories:

  • Antipasti: Olives (green, black, stuffed), artichoke hearts, dried tomatoes …
  • Fresh pasta: tagliatelle, ravioli, gnocchi …
  • Sauces: Pesto, mayonnaise, aioli …
  • Fresh spreads and fresh salads: hummus, aubergine caviar, guacamole … These products are accessible to vegans since there are no ingredients of animal origin.
  • Dairy products (from Greece, Italy and Bavaria): Feta, manouri, parmesan, pecorino, mozzarella gorgonzola …
  • Cold Meats (Italian and Spanish)
  • Fish (from Bavaria, the Baltic Sea and the North Atlantic): smoked salmon, salmon tartare and herring, trout.

Products from Bio Verde

Green olives garlic and fresh herbs

Bio Verde green olives come from Greece and Spain and are worked and refined, with fresh herbs and oil. Bio Verde makes a cold treatment to maintain the natural taste of the product as well as all these vitamins and nutrients.

To use as an aperitif or to complete your dishes such as your pizza!

Green olives pepper and fresh herbs

Bio Verde grows its olives in Greece and Spain. Subsequently, they are refined with herbs, peppers and oil.

We recommend you to consume them as an aperitif or to accompany your dishes (pizza, salad ...)

Kalamata olives without pit

Kalamata olives are refined and seasoned with a blend of olive and sunflower oils.
These olives come from the region of Kalamata in Greece.

These black olives have a slight bitter taste that will go perfectly with your cheeses and wines. Therefore, they are ideal to complement your feta salads.

Green olives without pit

Bio verde grows its olives in Greece and Spain. As a result, they are refined and seasoned with a blend of sunflower oil and olive oil.
These olives without pit, will be ideal to accompany your salads and Mediterranean dishes.

Olives Mix without pit

Bio Verde offers a mix of olives to satisfy lovers of black and green olives. They come from Greece and Spain. Bio Verde removes bitterness from its olives in saltwater baths.

They will delight your guests, during an aperitif!

Dried tomatoes

Bio Verde tomatoes are left to dry in the sun and then mixed with salt to preserve them. They are then washed and seasoned with fresh herbs and sunflower and olive oil.

Hearts of artichokes

Bio Verde uses only the softest part of artichokes. The heart of artichokes are first blanched and then stored in concentrated brine. Then they are rinsed with clean water and then marinated with fresh herbs and high quality oil.


Vinegar capers come from Turkey. They are harvested and stored in concentrated brine in Turkey and then washed in Germany at Bio-Verde's premises, then seasoned with vinegar.

Dried Kalamata Olives

Kalamata olives come from Greece. After drying, the aroma of Kalamata olives emerges particularly well. The fruits are less bitter and are healthier to nibble!

Green olives with almonds

Bio Verde green olives come from Spain and Greece and are worked and refined in Germany with fresh herbs and a high quality oil fillet.

You can taste these green olives with almonds as a buffet, as an aperitif


Gigantes are a Greek specialty.
These are giant beans with a sauce made from tomatoes, onions and various spices.

You can taste them as a starter or as an accompaniment to a Mediterranean dish.


Dolmades are stuffed grape leaves. This is a Greek specialty.
They can be enjoyed cold as an appetizer or antipasti platter or to accompany Mediterranean dishes.
Finally, do not hesitate to take them to the office or for a picnic. Bio Verde has thought of designing a practical packaging!

Ginger Hummus

We advise you to taste the Bio Verde ginger hummus as an appetizer or as an aperitif.

It consists of the following ingredients: boiled chickpeas, agave syrup, oil (sunflower and olive), concentrated lemon juice, ginger, garlic, coriander, sea salt.

Fresh Spread Tomatoes Basil

The fresh spread with tomato and basil is a spread that will be perfect for vegans.

It is made with a base of chickpeas, agave syrup, sunflower and olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, basil, salt, pepper, alcohol vinegar and lemon juice.

Fresh Spread Pumpkin Sesame

A fresh spread of chickpeas, pumpkin and sesame, to be consumed either as an starter, as an aperitif on bread or as a sauce to accompany vegetables.

Beetroot hummus

A hummus made from chickpeas and beetroot. An incredibly intense color and taste that will delight beet lovers.


This guacamole is a very aromatic avocado puree. It is made with over 90% pure fruit and seasoned with a little garlic!

Sesame Hummus

Tahini Hummus is a national dish from the Middle East.
Bio Verde makes its own Houmous Tahini in Germany, made from whole chickpeas. It is then refined with cumin and sesame.

Calabrese - Italian sausage with fennel

Calabrese from Bio Verde is an Italian sausage with a rather thick dough sprinkled with fennel seed.

It is composed of pork, sea salt, pepper, sugar and fennel seeds.

To be enjoyed as an aperitif, as a starter or on fresh bread!

Prosciutto Milano

Prosciutto Milano from Bio Verde is an extra-lean Italian ham. It is dried in the air and is characterized by its very thin flesh and its firmness.

This ham is mainly composed of filet-mignon, sea salt and spices (black pepper and white pepper, mint, coriander, nutmeg).

Italian Coppa

Bio Verde cuts freshly every week its "Coppa di Parma" in their premises in Germany. The Coppa di Parma becomes the "Coppa Italiana", since as soon as one transforms a product of appellation outside its geographical zone, it loses its name.

Bio Verde's Coppa Italiana is made from spare rib and then air-dried gently for 3 months.

Speck Alto Adige

Bio Verde's Speck or ham from Tyrol is made from smoked pig leg at a temperature of up to 20 ° C. Then, after being salted and in contact with different herbs, it is dried for about twenty weeks.

This is a specialty PDO that guarantees the origin and quality of this ham.


Tartufo from Bioverde is Italian sausage matured with black truffle, from a certified wild harvest.

It is made with 100% pork and is air-dried for 60 days in natural guts.

We advise you to enjoy it as an aperitif, as a starter or on fresh bread.

Toscanella - Italian sausage with garlic

The Toscanella sausage is a thick sausage.

It is made with 100% pork and air-dried for 60 days in natural guts.


The Lombarda from Bio Verde is an extremely fine Italian sausage, which has a typical Mediterranean aroma. It is made with 100% pork and then air-dried for 60 days in natural guts.

Prosciutto Crudo

Proscuitto Crudo Bio Verde is an Italian ham that is air dried for 10 months. It is slightly salty to guarantee a slightly spicy aroma.
It will be perfect to accompany a melon or even more classic on fresh bread or sandwich.

Jamón Serrano

Jamón Serrano is a famous Spanish ham that is characterized by its color and unforgettable taste.
In order to offer you a delicious Jamón Serrano, Bio Verde raises pork in the region of "El Bardalejo", in Spain.
Thereafter, the legs are rubbed with salt and then air-dried in special rooms for 14 months.


Chorizo ​​is the most famous Spanish sausage. Its red color and its spicy taste are given by paprika!
Bio Verde pork farming is located in the region of "El Bardalejo", in Spain.
Subsequently, the meat is finely minced and then mixed with salt, paprika, garlic and oregano. The sausage is then air-dried in special rooms for 50 days.

North Atlantic salmon cold smoked

This salmon comes from Irish, Norwegian and Scottish fisheries.
It is smoked with beech wood, cut and packed directly from Bio Verde, in Germany.

This Salmon is to be enjoyed on fresh bread with butter and a trickle of fresh lemon juice, for example!

Smoked trout fillet

Bio Verde trout come either from organic aquaculture in Denmark or directly from Bio Verde fish farms in Upper Bavaria.

The trout is then filleted, deboned and packaged at Bio Verde.

We advise you to taste it with a trickle of virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice.

Irish salmon cold smoked

This smoked salmon tartare is made from finely chopped smoked salmon seasoned with lemon and redberries. This tartare is absolutely delicious on fresh or grilled bread but also in sauce or stuffing.

Smoked salmon tartar

This smoked salmon tartare is made from finely chopped smoked salmon seasoned with lemon and red berries.
This tartare is absolutely delicious on fresh or grilled bread but also in sauce or stuffing.

Herring salad with dill

Bio Verde fishes his herring on the German Baltic Sea coast. Then they are fully prepared and packaged in Germany, in the premises of Bioverde. This salad is mainly composed of herring, pickle onions, mustard, dill and herbs!

You can accompany it with steamed potatoes or fresh bread.

Herring salad with red beetroot

This salad made up of herring from the Baltic Sea, red beetroots, pickles, onions, mustard, salt and spices. Remember to accompany it with steamed potatoes or fresh bread.

Herring fillets with cream

Bio Verde herrings come from the Baltic Sea.
The herrings are then fully prepared and packaged at Bio Verde.

These herring fillets with cream are mainly composed herring, sunflower oil, yogurt, cream, pickles, onions, mustard and egg yolks.

This preparation goes perfectly with steamed potatoes!

Tabouleh with tomato and mint

Tabbouleh is made from bulgur, tomato and mint.
This salad is made by Bio Verde from the best ingredients.

Bulgur salad with paprika and curry

A delicious oriental salad made with bulgur, paprika, leek and curry.
Why not accompany this salad with grilled meat?

Couscous salad with lentils and leek

Couscous is made from crushed durum wheat semolina. and a mixture of carrots, lentils, leeks and herbs.

Lentil salad with leek and carrot

Bio Verde offers a fresh and light salad based on brown lentils and vegetables (leeks and carrots), seasoned with exotic spices (turmeric, cumin and paprika).

Quinoa salad with corn and beans

A salad with quinoa, corn, peppers and green beans, all highlighted with a touch of balsamic vinegar and slightly spicy with turmeric and paprika!

This salad is gluten-free, source of vitamins and minerals, thanks to the quinoa that composes it.

Fresh ginger Kimchi

In Korea, Kimchi is the name given to fermented vegetable preparations. In this country, it is present at every meal and in every snack. In Korea it is particularly enjoyed with rice or soup.

Kimchi Bio Verde is made with pointed head cabbage that ferments for 2 days. Subsequently it is mixed with carrots, pepper and ginger.

Fresh Turmeric Kimchi

Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish. You can eat it in salads, snacks, wok or Asian pan-fried.
Kimchi is made with pointed head cabbage which is left to ferment for 2 days. It is then mixed with cucumber, onions and turmeric.

Fresh Pesto pomodoro

Pesto Pomodoro is made of dried tomatoes, oil (sunflower and olive), hard cheese, cashew nuts, basil, sea salt and finally concentrated lemon juice!

Fresh Pesto puttanesca

Pesto Puttaneso is a delicious blend of green and black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, chilli, olive oil and sunflower.

Hot Pepper

This very spicy sauce is made of alcohol vinegar, chilli and sea salt. It will allow you to spice up your many dishes!

Fresh vegan pesto with coriander

This vegan pesto with coriander is composed of coriander, cashew nuts, ginger and agave syrup!

Fresh pesto with dandelion

This pesto is mainly made with sunflower oil, parsley and dandelion.

Fresh mayonnaise

Bio Verde Mayonnaise is made with oil, egg yolk and mustard.
The company renounces any addition of food colouring, preservative and artificial aroma.

Fresh aioli

Aioli is made from oil, egg yolk, garlic and mustard. Bio Verde does not add food colouring, preservatives or artificial flavors.

The aioli can be enjoyed with seafood or fish.

Original Greek Manouri

Manouri is a Greek cheese made from sheep's milk and goat's milk. This is a rather sweet and creamy alternative to Feta!
In Greece, it is mainly tasted with honey and nuts because of its sweetness.


The Gorgonzola is made in Lombardy (Italy), then it is salted and injected with blue molds, using needles, above and below, which will then give its blue veins. Finally it is refined for 60 days.

Natural "Petit Fondu"

Bio Verde "Petit Fondu" are small triangular portions of melted cheese spread on bread. A "Petit Fondu" box contains 8 portions.

Bio Verde offers a natural "Petit Fondu" and a "Petit Fondu" with herbs.


Mozzarella Bio Verde can also be cooked in salads with basil and sliced ​​tomatoes as a garnish for your pizzas or gratins.

Chevi - goat's milk yogurt

Bio Verde offers goat milk yoghurt!


Ricotta is made with cow's milk in Italy. This cheese is then refined for 5 days.

This cheese is recommended to stuff your ravioli or to make desserts (alternative to mascarpone).

Greek Feta

Feta cheese is one of the typical brine cheeses from Greece.
Bio-verde makes its Feta with 70% sheep's milk and 30% goat's milk.

Greek goat cheese

Bio Verde's fresh goat cheese is delicious with its fresh and creamy taste! Enjoy it with fresh bread, a real delight!

Diced Feta marinated in hot pepper

The dice of Feta Bio Verde are pre-cut and marinated with tomatoes, a drizzle of oil, garlic and chilli.

To complement your salad add green salad, tomatoes and cucumber.

Bio Verde also offers Diced Feta marinated diced herbs!

Cream of Feta with wild garlic

Feta cream with wild garlic is a cheese made with Greek cheese with sheep's milk and goat's milk. This cream is tasted on bread!

Bio Verde offers a variation of this cream with its cream of Feta with chilli and garlic.

Fresh goat cheese marinated with herbs

Enjoy fresh goat cheese marinated with herbs on fresh breads!

Fresh goat cheese marinated with chilli

The fresh goat cheese marinated in Bio Verde chili is fresh and creamy! We invite you to enjoy it on fresh bread!

Grated Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano is one of the best known Italian cheeses.
The milk used to make this cheese comes from the Province of Reggio Emilia. This cheese is refined for 1 year.

Pecorino Romano

Pecorino is an Italian cheese made from sheep's milk.
This cheese is refined for 6 months!

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano is the most famous Italian cheese.
This cheese is refined for 24 months to obtain its characteristic taste!

Parmigiano Reggiano iFlakes

The unpasteurized milk used by Bio Verde in the production of parmiggiano comes from Italy.
The maturing time for this hard cheese is 1 year!

Fresh tortellini with cheese and tomato

Fresh Tortellini with tomato and cheese are made in Veneto (Italy). To prepare them, simply cook them for 3 minutes in boiling water and consume them with one of the Bio Verde sauces and parmesan, for example.

Fresh tortellini with pesto

Bio Verde produces tortellini in Italy, with egg, durum wheat semolina and egg, and basil!

Fresh ravioli with goat cheese

Discover fresh Bio Verde ravioli with a delicious goat flavor. They will match perfectly with pesto sauce!

Fresh tortelloni with pumpkin and sesame

These fresh pasta are made in Italy. Bio Verde prepares the dough of its tortellini with durum semolina and egg, without any addition of water and no pre-baking.

Discover the tortelloni with pumpkin and sesame from Bio Verde!

Fresh lasagne

A packet of 6 lasagne leaves, which will allow you to prepare your lasagna recipes with Bolognese, vegetables, fish, etc

Fresh original gnocchi

The original Gnocchi from Bio Verde are Italian classic quenelles, served instead of pasta. This is a vegan food

Fresh 4 cheese ravioli

Bio Verde ravioli are made in Italy. The company uses only durum wheat semolina and egg to make its dough. To these ingredients Bio Verde added ricotta, hard cheese, italico cheese, fontal cheese and Parmesan cheese!

Fresh gnocchetti with wild garlic

These Gnocchetis are made especially with whole potatoes, wild garlic and wheat flour.

Fry them in a little fat then enjoy them as a side dish or as a main course with pesto or tomato sauce!

Fresh ravioli with arugula and spinac

Delicious ravioli flavored with arugula and spinach! You can season them with Bio Verde pesto.
Cook them for 3 to 4 minutes in salty simmering water.

Fresh Pumpkin Gnochetti

Bio Verde made its Gnocchetti with whole potatoes and pumpkin!
Your kids will love these gnocchetti, fried with a little fat!

Fresh Spelt Gnochetti

Gnochettis Bio Verde are made with whole potatoes and spelt. To prepare them, simply put them in the pan with a little fat.

The gnochettis are very popular with children!

Fresh Taglioni

The fresh Taglioni from Bio Verde are manufactured in their joint venture in Veneto (Italy).
Bio Verde uses neither water nor pre-baking for the manufacture of their dough, but only eggs and durum wheat.

Remember to eat them with one of the many pesto sauces of the brand.

Fresh ravioli with artichokes

Bio Verde offers for the curious among you : ravioli with artichokes!
To prepare them, cook them for 3 to 4 minutes in salty simmering water.

Fresh ravioli with vegetable

Swabian specialty (region of Germany) ravioli stuffed with vegetables are traditionally eaten in a soup.
They are stuffed with various vegetables: carrots, spinach, corn, onion, peas,
We advise you to fry them in the pan with a little fat and taste them as a main dish!

Fresh ravioli with meat

Ravioles stuffed with pork are a German specialty. They are traditionally eaten in a soup.

Fry the ravioli Bio Verde in the pan with a little oil and enjoy them!

Fresh Linguines

Linguines are made in northern Italy, in Veneto.
The dough is made of durum wheat semolina and egg.
Bio Verde gives up all water addition and pre-baking to preserve the color and taste of its pasta!

To prepare the linguines, cook them for 3 minutes in a saucepan of boiling water. And why not accompany them with Bio Verde pesto?