Ecolive days: our company seminar – January 2020

At the beginning of this year, the entire ECOLIVE team gathered in Vertou’s offices! Each year, we hold approximately a 2-week seminar, so that we can all get together and discuss important points for our development!

Seminar programme:

coteaux-nantais-ecolive-daysDAY 1 – Arrival of the sales staff and a visit from Coteaux Nantais:

Sales representatives came from all over France and Germany to join us in Vertou. For the early risers, a small tasting of the “Galette des Rois” on 6 January was not to be missed! For Thorsten and Yvonne, who arrived a few months ago, a short visit of the premises was a must!

As for the Germans, on the 6 January we dedicated the afternoon to a visit from our supplier “Les Coteaux Nantais” in Remouillé. This visit allowed the German sales representatives to come up with new sales pitches. It was also an opportunity to discuss the current contract.

DAY 2 – Balance-sheet 2019/ 2020 Objective for the French team and a visit to the Eckmühl Lighthouse for the Germans 

On the second day, the team split in two: the French conducted an annual review of 2019 and set the strategy for 2020. The Germans took advantage of this trip to Brittany and visited the Phare d’Eckmühl factory. 



DAY 3 – New CRM training and discussion on internal organisation

This Wednesday is an opportunity for all of us to finally get together, to discuss common topics, particularly the arrival of our new CRM, which will allow us to be even more accurate in our future reporting practices! 

We also discussed new developments since the previous seminar, as well as the new brands that we are going to collaborate with.

The afternoon was devoted to internal communication, in order to initiate a process of daily mutual assistance between the different departments on the development of our brands!


DAY 4 – Sports activity and discussion on communication and marketing

Given that this was the last day, we met at 9:00 am for a surprise activity! Throughout the week, we all came up with ideas on different activities, such as paint ball, laser tag, land sailing, cycling or the escape game…? And the winner was… land sailing! We went to Saint-Brevin-les-Pins, for a one-hour session of land sailing with the EKS44 company!

An activity that always helps to encourage team bonding outside of the professional discussions that take place throughout the week.


Then, in the afternoon, we had a debriefing on internal communication, which was discussed the day before. Afterwards, we presented all of the developments and future communication projects (i.e. The new website and the new communication strategy…). Then the German sales representatives gave us a presentation on the German market including the Reformhaus and the organic stakeholders in Germany.

Finally, the day ended with a team meal at the Nantes restaurant Le Tire-Bouchon! On the menu was a friendly atmosphere to share an evening together as colleagues before the upcoming Ecolive adventures!