Ecolive are branching out with the launch of its co-working space in Nantes

At the end of 2019, Ecolive decided to invest in the premises behind their offices, in order to create a new co-working space in Vertou, Nantes.

What is co-working?

Co-working first appeared in Berlin in the 1980s and quickly spread to the United States and Europe. Co-working has really taken off over the last few years! But what is co-working?

This is a new way of working that brings several companies together in a dedicated space. In this collaborative workspace, you can often find consultants, self-employed workers and freelancers. All of these people have different skills but work in the same space, which sometimes means they can help each other or form partnerships.

Co-working spaces can take many forms and can just as easily be an office as a café. As well as the working environment, co-working spaces have many other benefits (office, wifi, meeting rooms, etc.).

Eco-work, the new co-working space in the Nantes region.


The ECO WORK co-working space was created in 2019 by Gregory Gicquel and Olivier Potaufeux, the founders of ECOLIVE. Involved in the Nantes business networks (Réseaux Entreprendre, CCI Nantes St Nazaire), they have decided to support new companies in the region by creating this co-working space in Vertou.

Ecolive created this place to welcome new, up and coming companies. Grégory and Olivier found that there was a lack of co-working space south of the Loire. Therefore, they wanted to set up a co-working space on the outskirts of Nantes, so people could access this service outwith the city centre. There are many co-working spaces in Nantes but there are hardly any on the outskirts. New companies do not always want to be based in Nantes city centre for many reasons, including cost and traffic.

Finally, Eco Work is a co-working solution that promotes CSR approaches, as it means you don’t have to go into the city centre and so you can avoid traffic jams. Furthermore, Ecolive provides Eco Work with compost!

Eco Work’s premises are in Vertonne. Just a 5-minute walk from Vertou train station, it is very accessible to everyone! The space is made up of 4 private offices (from 10m² to 25m²) and 15 individual stations. Perfect for self-employed or lone workers. It is a formal setting but there is always a friendly atmosphere.

eco-work-cuisine eco-work-bureau-vertou