• Country: Germany
  • Regions: Deggenhausertal
  • Year of establishment: 1977
  • Specialty : Cleaning products

Sonett is a brand of cleaning products that wants to respect the environment by protecting the water. The DNA of this brand revolves around the idea of "life-giving water". For more information +


  • Natural Care Products Standard - NCP
  • Natural Cosmetics Standard - NCS

Sonett’s primary goal is to develop cleaning products in a dynamic respect for water.  Water is thus considered as the true active agen

Missions and objectives

All the components of the cleaning products are certified 100% biodegradable. Vegetable soaps, sugar surfactants and minerals reinforce the detergent action of water and facilitate its reintegration into its natural environment.

Washing and cleaning are man’s inventions, sometimes causing a lot of damage to nature. Sonett therefore fights against this impact on the environment on a daily basis. His mission is to create a harmony between man and his environment.

Ehics, entire philosophy

The drop

Faced with the rise of residues of detergents and cleaning products in the water, Sonett decided to design a detergent from 100% degradable substances. The drop-shaped logo is carefully chosen to provide information on the quality of water as a source of life.

A selection of raw materials
All components of Sonett products are fully biodegradable and contain no allergenic substances. All raw materials are of biological origin, controlled and bio-dynamic, thanks to a rigorously selected composition. Finally, Sonett does not use genetic manipulation and thus minimizes his human interventions to get closer to nature.

Certified ecological quality

  • The entire Sonett range has been established according to the criteria of Ecogarantie: one of the most recognized labels for ecological laundry and cleaning products in the organic market.
  • It also has the EcoControl certification, which verifies and certifies Sonett’s specifications.
  • Finally, Sonett chose to collaborate with Stop Climate Change: the strictest label in terms of constraints in the carbon footprint.

Products from Sonett

Dishwashing Liquid Lemon

Dishwashing Liquid Lemon is considered by the sensitive people as particularly respectful of the skin.

Dishwashing Liquid Calendula

Dishwashing Liquid Calendula is a very economical product for washing dishes by hand.

Dishwashing Liquid sensitive

Dishwashing Liquid sensitive allows you to wash dishes by hand. It is very economical and not sensitive to the hardness of the water.

Directions for use: A few drops in the dishwater or directly on the sponge are enough.

Tablets for Dishwashers

The main active ingredients of Sonett Dishwasher tablets are sodium hydroxide, silicates and sulphated castor oil.

These active agents allow you to detach food residues, emulsify and dissolve fats.

Dishwasher Detergent

Without aggressive enzymes, surfactants and whiteners, this dishwasher powder is effective even when the dishes are very dirty.

Directions for use: To obtain a satisfactory result, the dishwasher softener must be set higher than necessary according to the water hardness.

Concentrated Laundry Powder

Concentrated Laundry Powder is perfect for white or colored laundry in cotton, linen, hemp or mixed fibers.

The main active ingredient in Concentrated Laundry Powder is pure vegetable soap.

Laundry Liquid Lavender

Laundry Liquid Lavender is perfect for cotton, linen, hemp or blended fibers, white or colored.
This detergent contains sugar surfactant and coconut alcohol sulfate, which after soap are the most easily biodegradable surfactants and are best tolerated by the skin.


The softener is not suitable for clothing made of wool, silk, synthetic fibers and microfibres.

Directions of uses : The softener must be placed in the laundry compartment. And the liquid laundry Sonett, into the measuring spoon directly into the drum.

Bleach Complex and Stain Remover

Bleach Complex and Stain Remover is ideal for whitening white textiles and removing stains on textiles and resistant colors.

Note: this product is particularly effective from 50 degrees.

Laundry Liquid Color Mint & Lemon

Laundry Liquid Color Mint & Lemon is suitable for colored laundry made of cotton, linen, hemp, mixed fibers or microfibers (Fleece, Goretex, Softshell type) between 30 and 60 degrees.

Laundry Rinse

Laundry Rinse is suitable for all textiles and washing programs. It removes soap scum and neutralizes rinsing water (important for sensitive people). In addition, it revives colors, smoothes fibers and softens laundry.

Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool and Silk

Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool and Silk can be applied to all delicate textiles (such as wool and silk) up to 40 degrees.

It can be used both by machine and by hand.

Wool Care

This woolen care will allow you to regenerate your damaged wool and silk fibers.

Gall Soap

Gall Soap is suitable for all white and colored textiles, dyed natural fibers and / or mixed fibers.

Directions for use: for colored textiles, first, it is advisable to test on a non-visible area.

Liquid Gall Soap

Removes stains from ballpoint pen, ink, blood, fat, fruit, grass, etc. Suitable for all white and colored textiles dyed natural fibers.

Stain Removal Spray

Stain Removal Spray is used especially on delicate textiles, wool and silk.
It is very effective against the stains of cocoa, fruit but also fat.

Starch Spray & Ironing Aid

This spray allows to starch, smooth and maintain all textiles in cotton, linen, hemp and mixed fibers.
It facilitates ironing, even very dry and crumpled linen. the laundry then remains smooth and becomes less messy.

Laundry Liquid sensitive

Laundry Liquid sensitive is ideal for white linen but also colored.

Laundry Powder Color sensitive

Laundry Powder Color sensitive effectively washes at 20 degrees, while preserving the colors. It is perfect for colored laundry and fragile textiles in cotton, linen, synthetic or mixed fibers.

Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool and Silk sensitive

Olive Laundry Liquid for Wool and Silk sensitive can be applied to all delicate textiles, such as wool and silk up to 40 degrees. It can be used both by machine and by hand

Soap Citrus

A soft, nourishing liquid soap with a fresh lemon scent for the hands, face and body.

Available in 3 sizes: 300mL, 1L and 10L

Soap Lavender

A gentle, nourishing liquid soap for the hands, face and body.

Available in 3 sizes: 300mL, 1L and 10L.

Soap Rosemary

Rosemary is a fortifying medicinal plant. Sonett Rosemary Soap is ideal for the hands, face and body. It is a stimulating and toning soap that protects the skin.

Available in 3 sizes: 300mL, 1L and 10L.

Soap Calendula

Calendula has an anti-inflammatory healing power that facilitates the regeneration of cells.

Available in 2 sizes: 300 mL and 1L.

Soap Rose

A gentle and nourishing for the hands, the face and the body.

Available in 3 sizes: 300mL, 1L and 10 L.

Curd Soap

This all-purpose, gentle hand soap is made according to a traditional recipe. It does not contain preservatives, perfumes or dyes.

Dishwashing Liquid / All-Purpose Cleanser sensitive

This dishwashing liquid allows you to clean dishes by hand. It is very economical.

Directions for use: add a few drops in the water of your dishes or directly on the sponge.

Soap sensitive

A mild and nourishing soap for the hands, face and / or body.

Available in 2 sizes: 300 mL and 1L.

Foam Soap Calendula

Gentle cleansing soap adapted to the delicate skin of children. A fruity scent that smells wonderful.

Hand Disinfectant

This alcoholic solution, is ready to use, and disinfect the hands. This disinfectant is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Surface Disinfectant

Sonett brand all-surface disinfectant is certified against many viruses. In addition it is also effective against bacteria, yeasts and fungi (European standards EN 1276, 1650, 13697, 14476.)

All-Purpose Cleanser

This cleaner is used to clean and maintain all floors, tiles, washbasins, laminate furniture, cars, etc.

Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner

Sonett's Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner will allow you to remove limescale deposits in hard-to-reach areas and to clean faucets, stainless steel, tiles and shower walls.

Floor Mopping Fluid

Sonett's Floor Mopping Fluid protects waxed, oiled and varnished floors with a thin layer of natural wax. It is suitable for tiled floors, stone, wood, cork, parquet, laminate, PVC ....

Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner

Sonett's Multi-Surface and Glass Cleaner cleans everything that is glass without leaving traces (windows, mirrors, windshields of cars ....) In addition, it also cleans stainless steel or composite surfaces and removes fingerprints from metal surfaces.

Orange Power Cleaner

The extra-powerful cleaner is suitable for all waterproof surfaces. It dissolves stubborn dirt and grease deposits in the rooms of the house (kitchen, bathroom, toilets ...).


Sonett's Decalcifier is extremely effective on limescale deposits (faucets, bathrooms, toilets, coffeemakers, etc.)

Scouring Fluid

Sonett’s Scouring Fluid is ideal for cleaning gently stainless steel, vitro-ceramic, faucets, plastics, etc. In the event of limescale deposits or stubborn dirt, we recommend using the Sonett's Scouring Powder.

Scouring Powder

This Scouring Powder can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen and bathroom. It allows to clean washbasins, sinks, baths, toilets. It stripping without problems and especially without scratching burnt pans, ovens with grease deposits and stoves.

Toilet Cleaner Cedar-Citronella

Just spray the product under the rim of the toilet and then brush. For a very scaled toilet, we advise you to let stand overnight, to brush and finally to rinse the next day. If necessary, repeat the operation.

Toilet Cleaner Mint-Myrtle

For regular maintenance of your toilet, simply brush after spreading the product under the edges of the toilet. Leave it all night, for a very scaled toilet. This Sonett WC product is vegan and 100% biodegradable.

BioBubbles / Soap Bubbles

Sonett offers the first soap bubbles made from organic raw materials so that your children can have fun outdoors! The resistant and colored bubbles are blown through three rings of different sizes.

Regenerating Salt

All dishwashers are equipped with a built-in water softener, which helps retain the hard calcium and magnesium ions in the water to let softened water flow through the machine. This avoids the traces of limestone that deposit on glasses and cutlery. To prevent the ion exchanger from being saturated with calcium and magnesium ions, it is necessary to restore its absorption capacity by regeneration. This is why we use this regenerating salt, which will allow to exchange the hardness ions, optimizing the efficiency of washing.


A dish sponge that consists mainly of renewable and biodegradable fibers in sisal and cellulose. This sponge doesn’t scratch and is therefore suitable for fragile glasses and stainless steel.

Clear Rinse

Clear Rinse is suitable for all dishwashers. It helps to remove traces of limescale on dishes, cutlery and glasses.

We recommend using it in addition to Sonett Dishwasher Detergent, Tablets for Dishwashers Sonett and Regenerating Salt Sonett.

Massage Oil Lemon 145ml

A nourishing care oil of the highest biological quality, with lemon and pine scents and rhythmic mistletoe extracts, which activate, harmonize and form a protective envelope.

Application: Before applying it to the skin, shake the oil well until the emulsion is uniformly creamy.

Massage Oil Lavender 145ml

This massage oil with incense and lavender scents, is composed of rhythmic mistletoe extracts, which activate, harmonize and form a protective envelope.

We advise you to shake it well (until the emulsion is uniformly creamy) before applying it on your skin!

Massage Oil Myrtle 145ml

This oil with the scent of myrtle and orange blossom activates, refreshes and gives birth to a happy smile on the face after the tiredness of the day!

Application: Shake well, until the emulsion is uniformly creamy, before applying it to the skin.

Body Lotion Lemon 145ml

This moisturizing lotion of the highest biological quality is composed of rhythmic mistletoe extracts, which activate, harmonize and form a protective envelope.

Application: Spread evenly on the skin, the lotion penetrates quickly
leaving the skin supple and soft to the touch.

Body Lotion Lavender 145ml

A moisturizing lotion of the highest biological quality with a delicate lavender scent and rhythmic mistletoe extracts that activate, harmonize and form a protective envelope.

Once spread evenly over the skin, Sonett Lotion will penetrate quickly, leaving your skin soft and supple to the touch.

Body Lotion Myrtle 145ml

A moisturizing lotion with myrtle scent and rhythmic mistletoe extracts that activate, harmonize and form a protective envelope.

Application: Spread evenly your lotion on your skin. It will then quickly penetrate your skin, and make it supple and soft to the touch