• Country: Austria
  • Regions: Vienna
  • Year of establishment: 2014
  • Specialty : Sparkling drinks made with organic fruit juice
  • Countries of distribution : France


The company history

Wonderful Drinks is a small company founded in 2014 that produces organic drinks. The company develops, produces and sells high quality products, by respecting a principle: “real taste instead of cheap sugar”. The flagship product is PONA – Organic & Sparkling, 60% organic pressed fruit and 40% of sparkling spring water – that’s it.

We can find the products in different European countries such as Denmark, Sweden, UK, Finland, Belgium and Luxemburg.


What about the founders of PONA?

Anna and Michi are the amazing brains of Wonderful Drinks. They are fighting together against stereotypes and all kinds of additives. They’re doing everything with passion and a large smile. For them, Wonderful Drinks is just the beginning of their own mission: making the world a better place. The unique think that is annoying them: when someone tries to convince them that their drinks are missing sugar… But how many times this really happened? Their drinks just need a lot of wonderful natural ingredients to be Wonderful – that’s it.


Why PONA Drinks are that much savory?

This is the first sparkling juice from Austria, made of fruit juice and spring water. That’s it! Without added sugar. No additives. No concentrates. Everything is in the natural taste of organic fruits from producers of Sicily and Tyrol.

Products from Pona

Primofiore Lemon

When life gives you lemons, just hope they’re from Sicily. Our sun ripened Primofiore lemons grow on evergreen trees at the foot of Mount Etna. They enjoy extra-long ripening periods before they are hand-picked and pressed. This way, you can taste the Sicilian sun with every sip.

Tarocco Orange

Orange really is the new black. Tarocco Orange is a classic, punchy juice that is perfect for breakfast. Or lunch. Well, dinner too. After a hundred sunny days of Mount Etna, the taste is exceptional. The colour kind of gives that away. Wow-ingly orange.

Red Grape Primofiore Lemon

Sun-ripened red grapes from a small Austrian winemaker and Primofiore Lemons from Sicily. A little bit sweet, a little bit sour: it’s a match! It’s the South European interpretation of the typical Austrian beverage called “G'spritzter Traubensaft”. If you know, you know.


If you like it spicy, you’ve come to the right place. Our South Tyrolean apples have been paired with exotic ginger, for a quite ravishing mix of sweet and just a hint of spice of the finish. The final touch to the refreshment.