• Country: Suisse
  • Regions: Zürich
  • Year of establishment: 2006
  • Specialty : Organic and Fairtrade Nuts

Pakka is a Swiss brand that manufactures organic and fairtrade nut products.


Pakka is a Hindi word meaning “ excellent quality and authentic”. The goal of Pakka is to have products of excellent quality but not only. Indeed, the brand wants the whole chain to be “pakka”: the culture of the products but also the way that the products travel to reach the customers.

The beginnings of Pakka

The Pakka adventure began in India, many years ago. As the country’s cashew kernels are delicious, the founders of Pakka (Andres Tschannen, Balz Strasser and Ueli Baruffol) decided in 2006 to found a company for the cashew trade. At first, the company was a real family business. Indeed, the first packs were made on the living room table and the whole family helped to pack and make deliveries. Finally, over the years, the company has decided to market new products: nougat, almonds …

Quality products, Fairtrade certified

The cashew nuts used to make Pakka products come from East Africa, to guarantee you a quality product. The nuts are slit, shelled, sized, dried, sorted and packaged, all with tender care, by hand and in several small steps.

Several Pakka products carry the Max Havelaar label. This label created in 1988, certifies that the Pakka brand meets the criteria of fair trade. This label guarantees :

  • Fair compensation for producers.
  • Decent working conditions.
  • Production methods that respect the environment.
  • Long-term business relationships

Pakka a company with long-lasting relationships with its partners

Pakka invests a lot of time in relations with its exporting and producing partners in the South. Their business relationships include, for example, strategic consulting or project development support. The brand signs long-term purchase agreements with its producers. The partnerships set up by the company make it possible to guarantee product traceability and support thousands of farming families in Asia, Africa and Latin America, thanks to a higher, more stable and more equitable income. All of these partnerships with southern countries allow Pakka to offer certified products of the highest quality.



Products from Pakka

Cashew roasted, with sea salt

Grown in Ivory Coast, cashews are picked, peeled and sorted manually. They are grilled slowly, without adding oil and then slightly salted to acquire an incomparable taste.

Cashews, roasted with sea salt, organic & fair, 100g

Gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan PAKKA cashews are grown in Ivory Coast. PAKKA employees manually pick, peel and sort the nuts. They are grilled slowly (without oil) and slightly salted.

Cashew roasted, with Curry Madras

Cashew nuts, grown in Invory Coast are valued for their taste and the nutrients they provide to the body. According to PAKKA, an excellent blend of Madras Curry is composed of at least 30 spices that meet and blend together perfectly. Thanks to spices, PAKKA cashews get an exotic flavor.

Cashews, roasted with Curry Madras, organic & fair

A sumptuous gluten-free, lactose-free blend of vegan cashew nuts (from Ivory Coast) and Madras curry made up of around thirty spices

Almonds roasted, sea salt, organic & fair

Delicious almonds (gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan) harvested in the autumn, then sun-dried and delicately roasted dry without the addition of oil

Almonds, roasted, sea salt, organic & fair

These almonds, cinnamon color, come from Pakistan. They are harvested in autumn then dried in the sun and finally delicately roasted dry without adding oil

Organic & fairtrade peanuts roasted with salt

PAKKA peanuts come from the Chinese province of Shandong. They are sown in April and harvested as early as September.
Handpicked, PAKKA teams only hold nuts of excellent quality.
They are grilled slowly, without adding oil, then slightly salted to acquire their incomparable taste.

Peanuts roasted with salt

Sown in April in the Chinese region of Shandong, PAKKA peanuts are harvested by farmers in September. They are sorted by hand and only the nuts of excellent quality are packaged. To acquire their incomparable taste, they are grilled slowly, without any addition of oil, then they are slightly salted.

Chocolate cashews, organic

A cashew nut coated with Equiori organic chocolate. This chocolate is made from a selection of Colombian cocoa. A delicate mixture with intense character, which will make you travel!

Chocolate almonds, organic

Almonds grown in northern Pakistan and coated in a delicious organic chocolate Equiori, composed of Colombian cocoa.

Chocolate almonds with frosting, organic

Delicious almonds grown in the Gilgit-Baltistan region of northern Pakistan and coated with Equiori organic chocolate (composed of Colombian cocoa) and sweetened with a light layer of colored sugar.

Chocolate Peanuts

Peanuts carefully selected, coated with Equiori chocolate, made from Colombian cocoa and covered with a thin glaze.

Cashews, roasted, Malabar Pepper, organic & fair

A mixture of cashew nuts (from Ivory Coast) and pepper from the Malabar region of India.

Cashews, roasted with chili, organic & fair

Cashew nuts from Ivory Coast mixed with Uzbekistan pepper for a exotic mix.

Cashews, raw, organic & fair

Farmed in Ivory Coast, PAKKA nuts are appreciated for their very fine and sweet taste as well as for their nutritive substances. To preserve their qualities, they are carefully packaged by hand, from picking to packing.

Almonds, raw, organic & fair

PAKKA almonds (from Pakistan) are harvested and dried in autumn. Subsequently, they are broken, peeled and sorted by hand, in order to preserve their precious nutritional qualities.